Kristian Anderson’s Beautiful Video for his Wife

This is likely to be one of the most awesome videos you’ll see on the Net.

It was created last year by 35-year-old Australian, Kristian Anderson, who was suffering from bowel and liver cancer.

He made the video for his wife, Rachel, as a gift for her birthday. It is a tribute to her for all the support which she’d given him over the years, and especially now during the time of his illness and recuperation.

Kristian was even able to get Hugh Jackman (his wife is a huge fan!) and New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key to be a part of the video message.

You can watch the video below:

Some good news on Kristian’s update is that the cancer has been contained to ‘just’ his liver, and in his words “I still have cancer but I’m not dying. It’s under control.”

His faith and his family keep him going, keep him fighting and surviving.

They keep him living his life.

You can follow his blog here.

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