Tuesday’s Tip#2: Spelling Improves Ankle Strength

The ABC's of Leg Strength

Many active people suffer from weak ankles.

A high percentage of sportspeople, especially soccer and squash players, would have suffered some type of ankle injury in their life-time, often damaging the ligaments.

Runners, and anyone who would like to be active, know the importance of having strong ankles.

So here’s the quick tip/hack that will help you achieve just that:

Tip to Improve the Strength of your Ankles and Legs

The next time you’re sitting at your work desk, or lunch table, or watching TV use the tips of your toes to trace the alphabet on the floor. Keep knees at a 90 degree angle. Do this a few times a day and your ankles will soon benefit from the “workout”.

The ABC's of Leg Strength
The ABC’s of Leg Strength


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