Online Fashion Shop: Free Delivery in South Africa and R100 Voucher

UPDATE: This offer has now closed.

I saw this online shop earlier this week and I was quite intrigued: they were advertising free delivery throughout South Africa and something like that always interests me.

The shop is Hot Online Fashion and they could be set to become a huge online retailer. They are offering some great incentives for their customers.


  • Firstly there is the free shipping to any post office in the country – that’s huge.
  • They have weekly give-aways and special bundles to reward their shoppers.
  • They stock great brands such as Fubu, Jonathan D eyewear, Ferrari, Golla bags, Flexfit, Phat Farm, Fitflop, slap watches, and mighty wallet (whose wallets are 100% recyclable, eco friendly, tear-resistant and water resistant) and whole bunch of other brands and accessories.
  • And, to that list of benefits, they have just added free delivery to your door for purchases of R500 or more.

So you can experience the ease of shopping from the comfort of your own home, and have the convenience of your purchases being delivered to your door within 3 working days.


Now if that is not enough, they are currently giving all customers a R100 voucher for the store! When you go to the Hot Online Fashion site, you’ll see a pop-up, just fill in your name and email address and they will email you the R100 voucher code.

So when you make your purchase, you just fill in that code, and R100 will be deducted from your total expense.

I’ve already signed up and have received my voucher code. Go for it.

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