The GekkoStick Will Make You Throw Away Your Selfie Stick

Though once derided as a silly gimmick, selfie-stick technology has quickly established itself as not only worthwhile but a pretty cool way to get awesome selfies and other photos from formerly impossible angles. And now, finally, the selfie-stick has been perfected, with the GekkoStick.



A while ago I reviewed the xShot Sport Pole which is an extreme selfie stick and very durable for the outdoors.

The Gekkostick is a little different: based on the form of the gecko, it is part tripod, part selfie-stick, and all marvelous.

gekko stick - selfie stick


Not only can you snap typical selfies, but you can twist and bend the stick however you want to achieve artistic or funky angles. If you decide to use it as a tripod, you can even snap some super-long-distance selfies, because it comes with a Bluetooth remote to trigger shots from a distance.

Ever go hiking by yourself and wish you could get an amazing new profile pic of yourself standing on a cliff edge? The GekkoStick can make that happen. Perhaps best of all, it even curls up into a small coil to slide easily into your pocket!

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