Woodworking – Turn Your Hobby into a Craft Career

I have been interested in woodworking for many years now.  Several generations of my family have been involved in the yacht building business.  I grew up watching wood being hand worked into beautiful shapes and transformed from timber into stunning ocean going yachts.

However the family business closed before I reached my mid-teens due to rising costs and falling client numbers.  I have always retained an interest in wood though.  Over the years I have collected a number of wood working tools which I use to create wooden decorative items and also carry out work on my home.

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New Business Ideas

I have a real feel for wood and find it very enjoyable both creating beautiful wooden decorative items and also practical things like tables, chairs and cabinets.  My chosen career was in banking but by the time I reached my forties I felt exhausted with working in the city and the daily commute was getting a bit too much for me.

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My family suggested that I started selling some of my wood working pieces.  This idea really captured my imagination and I took a few samples of my wooden interior decorative pieces to the nearby home craft and design centre.  I was amazed when they were interested in my work and asked for some more samples.

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I took some holiday that was owing to me and worked up a few new pieces in designs I thought would appeal to the type of upmarket clients the design centre catered too.  Not only did they buy the new pieces I took in but they ordered more.

Setting Up

I quickly realised there was a real market for these kind of quality, handcrafted wooden decorative items.  My son helped me to set up a website and I started to sell online and through auction and craft sites.  Soon demand was exceeding the tools and capabilities I had at home.

I resigned from my banking job and set about investing in my new business.  I couldn’t afford to buy all new wood working machinery but I found an excellent website online selling second hand, reconditioned machinery.  I also look around and found a cheap unit to rent on an out-of-town business park that offered much more space.

Early Success

Although it is still early days my business is thriving.  I am actually thinking about taking on more workers and moving to larger premises again.  I have expanded from decorative items to taking on handmade furniture projects as well.

The local community college has also approached me and asked if I would be willing to take on an apprentice.  Within just a few years my hobby has transformed my life and allowed me to start a new career doing something I truly love.

If you are interested in a career in woodworking then get online.  There are lots of great tips on setting up a business and you can also buy some great second hand machinery at www.woodworkmachinery.co.uk.

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