Woodpecker in the Forest

Over the weekend I went for a walk through a small forest with my wife. We were thoroughly amazed by the nature surrounding us;  there were hundreds of butterflies following us inquisitively, and monkeys chattering in the trees.

WoodpeckerWe were soon stopped by a “knock-knocking” sound coming from the side of the narrow trail.  We were privileged to see a woodpecker only a few meters away, diligently knocking away at a tree.  I figured it to be a Cardinal Woodpecker from the red ‘punk hairstyle’ he had (although I’m no bird expert).  

Also the dead wood of trees is soft and is often an ideal nesting place for Cardinal Woodpeckers, although this one seemed more interested in removing the bark to get at some of the insects for lunch.

Anyway, he seemed oblivious to us, and was quite content to go about his ‘pecking’ work.  Fortunately I had a dinky camera with me and was able to record the sight. The quality of the footage isn’t great, but at least you can make out what’s going on, and hear the impressive hammering sound he made.

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