Wildlife Encounters of Western Australia

It’s not every day you see a kangaroo, alive and well!

At least, not unless you’re in Australia!

Australia is known worldwide for its fantastic wildlife and landscapes. Its incomparable beauty lures travellers from every country and every continent, the very idea of witnessing the wonders of the Land Down Under alluring enough to bring them flocking. Australia is one of the few countries in the world that exists solely on an island.

As such, its closed eco system has produced some extraordinary creatures that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Among the fields and forests of Western Australia alone, we can find incredible animals, including:



These famous long-legged denizens of the Australian countryside are easily spotted. As a traveller in Australia, you’ll be sure to see dozens, if not hundreds of the magnificent animals!

They are often found in fields, having hopped over the fences in order to share pasture with sheep and cattle. And as they often travel in packs of four or more, you’re likely to see plenty on the average road trip. They are most commonly sighted in the late afternoon to early evening, when the day has become considerably cooler and they leave their shady forest haunts. 


Kookaburra from margyleunbounddotcom

Somewhat less known to the animal lover, but highly popular in the bird watching community, Australia is the only place in the world that boasts these fuzzy birds. With their light brown feathers and darker faces, these birds look for all the world like large flying teddy bears!

If you’re good at being quiet, and are very lucky, you may get to see one. They will sometimes fly down to perch near campsites, as they have a tendency towards curiosity.



Emus are among the world’s largest flightless birds, along with their cousin, the ostrich. They look very much like ostriches, except that they are a uniform dusty grey in colour, and lack any patterns on their wings and backs.

Many Emus live wild in Western Australia’s national parks and forests, and if you’re very lucky, you may see one! If not, perhaps you should visit an emu farm, where emus are bred and raised for many purposes.


Ray in Australia

If you love wildlife, but would also like to see some marine life up close and in the wild, no worries mate! Western Australia also is home to more than one ray reserve. In these reserves, eagle rays, sting rays, and manta rays live in abundance, and grow to immense proportions.

If you visit a beach near or in a ray reserve, you will likely see multiple rays of various types, as they enjoy skimming the edge of the beach in search of food.

These are just a few of the many incredible types of wildlife you can see in Western Australia alone! Can you imagine yourself photographing an emu, watching kangaroos leap gracefully across fields, or standing in knee deep water with wild manta rays? You can do this, and more, when you travel to Western Australia!


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