Weather Apps: The Best and Most Accurate

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Smart phones, tablets and handheld devices mostly come with pre-loaded weather apps. In most cases they are accurate, but there are times when it is clear as day that the temperatures you are experiencing are definitely not what is displayed on the screen. It is also becoming increasingly important to have an application that will forecast accurate weather in the days to come.

While in search of an accurate weather app, some stood out above the rest.


Yahoo! has always had a stable weather man with outstanding designs and user options. As it is locked into your location it doesn’t require much input when you’re moving from one place to the next. It comes with handy features such as adding various locations in a personalized list that can easily be accessed by swiping the screen.

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One of the most accurate free apps, and ever so true to its name, is AccuWeather. It not only provides hourly and daily forecasts, but goes as far as fifteen days into the future. It includes alerts for severe storms and weather patterns too. It is available across all operating systems. Get it here.

AccuWeather on
AccuWeather App

Dark Sky

In most cases the good ones don’t come cheap. Dark Sky is a paid application that will cost US$3.99 because it has tremendously accurate local weather forecasting abilities. Not only does it include twenty four hour weather updates, but weekly forecasting too. It has super nifty radar maps that make for one of the best interfaces. For the time being this is limited to iOS devices. You can get it here.

Arcus Weather

Luckily for Android devices there is Arcus Weather which boasts very similar features to Dark Sky. It is free and gathers its data from the very same Dark Sky app! So you are freely accessing accurate, detailed forecasts wherever you find yourself in the world. Being a free version it will be accompanied by advertisements on the screen. Get it here.


Lastly, another free application that users have found handy, fast and reasonably accurate is Weatherbug which can be downloaded on Android, iOS and Windows devices. All forecasts are generated from GPS results, and live cameras are available across certain locations of the world. There are also live interactive maps as well as visual forecasts. Get it here.

In a nutshell, there are a handful of versatile weather applications, some are free and others are worthy of the payment required.

by Mariska Knoesen

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