Travel Tips to Make the Journey Seem Quicker

Recently I wrote about Enjoy Life being mentioned in O, The Oprah Magazine.

The magazine asked for travel tip ideas that would make time spent in the car on road trips less mundane and more fun, for adults or for kids. The Enjoy Life team came with a few ideas and O decided to run with the MusicID app.

Here are some of the other travelling tips that we came up with:


  • Draw Something:  It’s like Pictionary which you play between each other’s phones. It’s lots of fun and can be hilarious!
  • Zinio:  You can buy almost any magazine in the world and read it on your phone or tablet.
  • Weet Woo:  This is a brilliant app if you have children. It streams in YouTube movies and cartoons, relevant per age group, so you can set the age restriction on all content.
  • Where’s My Water? :  Another one for the kids. It’s an addictive, educational game created by Disney, and provides hours of fun for children.


  • A great card game for any occasion, including road trips is Monopoly Deal. This is my personal favourite. The card game has given the traditional Monopoly board game a huge facelift, but has still kept the same principles and objectives.
  • Another game for travelling is Car Cricket. This you play just purely with the traffic passing you in the opposite direction. Each player picks a colour and when that colour car comes past they are out. They score a ‘run’ for every car that they pass before they are out. E.g. Player 1’s colour is red, and the following cars come past: a blue car, silver, black, red. Player one scored three runs and then went out. Then it is the next player’s turn. You can also use a rare colour car for a boundary, e.g. a pink car is 6 runs. I grew up playing this game, before there were apps, and it can be a lot of fun.
  • When travelling using public transport it can also be fun to watch your fellow commuters (and their luggage) and try to work out their “story”. Things such as where they work, what they have for lunch, are they married, are they students, or where their destination will be.

Thanks to all contributors, especially Juan Meaker-Dewing and Pramesh Ravjee.

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