Christmas Shopping for Kids? Top Toy Ideas for 2015

Lego blocks

Before we know it Christmas Eve will be upon us with little ones looking forward to Santa’s special delivery. Supermarkets, department stores and toy shops have been advertising their stock for over three months. With the young ones being as smart and savvy as they are nowadays, it is no surprise that they draw up Christmas present lists with very specific toys in mind.

Parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles can find inspiration here as to what to wrap up for those toddlers, young girls and boys who look forward to Christmas very much!

Here is a rundown on the top toy ideas for Christmas 2015:
LEGO has made a big comeback with boys and girls wanting these world famous building blocks. The Deep Sea Vessel for boys and the Princess Castle for girls are two of the most sought after sets. It is pricy but LEGO was recently described as one of the most valuable investments in the world.

Lego blocks

The Star Wars toys have also been at the hands of many kids whose dreams have come true, and this year is no exception. Whether LEGO sets, lighting up swords or spaceships, your boys will be ever so grateful to receive one of these.

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Surely you didn’t think a Frozen character would be omitted from this list? The Sing-A-Long Elsa is pricy yet adorable and many girls would love to sing along to their new doll and that (in)famous song until the batteries run out.

What would a Christmas shopping list be without a Barbie doll and accessories? This doll is more than a half century old and the accessories, clothing, and variety of dolls keep sweeping girls off their feet. Local supermarkets also stock Barbie Dolls on special offer with a small variety of accessories. The larger toy stores have everything you can imagine when it comes to Barbie and Ken’s lifestyle with online shopping stores hot on their heels to make that sale.

If every little girl wants a Barbie, then every little boy wants a robot and nowadays it is quite easy to buy interactive robots from major toy shops. Some models are battery operated while others come with chargers. I am not sure if that is a blessing or a curse, but it is all for the sake of happy little ones this festive season.

The older boys who are not keen on playing with cars, keeping themselves busy with building blocks or train sets would simply love the newest gadgets. Streaming drones are purely way cooler than remote controlled sports cars.

New moms and dads live for the moment their toddlers tear open big, bulky gifts and nothing fits better into two or three rolls of gift wrap than a fluffy, larger than life teddy bear. The teddy itself will never become boring and still comes in all shapes and sizes. A certain specialty store allows children to “build their own bears” around themes. It is a perfect gift voucher idea for little girls who are old enough to make up their minds as to wanting frilly dresses or sporty shirts on their new favorite fluffy companions.
Toddlers also adore pop-up books with interactive buttons they can press to release voices and sounds. These too have come a long way from the very first pop-up story books. Nowadays patches of fur and sand allow toddlers to experience the sense of touch during the learning experience too.

If you think of one item that has not gone out of fashion and has never been known for creating disappointment, what would it be? Puzzles! Year in and year out children have been receiving puzzles and loved it each and every time.
I hope this narrows down your gifting ideas. Remember to have fun while buying Christmas gifts for your toddlers and young children. Keep in mind that they will find pleasure in their new present no matter what it is.

by Mariska Knoesen

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