The Top 10 Countries with the Fastest Internet

Everybody wants a fast Internet connection speed, especially with downloading, uploading or transferring larger files. So where can you find the fastest connection? You might be a bit surprised at the answers.


Here are the top 10 countries who have the fastest Internet speeds…

At number 10:


One of the wealthiest countries in Europe, Finland has an average internet speed of 12.1 megabits per second.

9. Czech Republic

As one of the fastest growing parts of Europe and with high standards for education, Czech Republic comes in just below Ireland by a few decimal places at 12.3 megabits per second.

8. Ireland

With a growing technology sector, Ireland has average internet speeds of 12.7 megabits per second.

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7. Latvia

With a 25% increase over the past year, Latvia averages at 13 megabits per second.

6. Netherlands

Sixth on the list, The Netherlands averages at 14 megabits per second.

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