The Winner by David Baldacci

A Book Review of ‘The Winner’ by David Baldacci.

Another brilliant novel by David Baldacci. It turned out to be a very aptly chosen title, because as far as enjoyable reads go, this one was a definite winner.

This was another book I found in a second-hand book store and the few coins I parted with to acquire it was more than repaid by the few days of gripping entertainment.

The story opens by introducing us to the main character, Luanne Tyler, who the reader quickly grows fond of. She is a young, unwed mother who is working towards escaping her life of poverty and disappointment. Then a mysterious man offers her the chance of a lifetime: a guarantee to win the national lottery…

But extraordinarily Luanne turns it down; she’s determined to get out of her situation legitimately and through hard work. She also wants to break free of her father’s shady past by living a straight life.

Within a few hours of declining the lottery scam, she’s in a fight for her life and running from a drug dealer, an assassin and the police.

An absolutely brilliant, riveting book. I’ve already recommended this to some close friends and I do to you too 🙂

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