The Winner by David Baldacci

A Book Review of ‘The Winner’ by David Baldacci.

Another brilliant novel by David Baldacci. It turned out to be a very aptly chosen title, because as far as enjoyable reads go, this one was a definite winner.

This was another book I found in a second-hand book store and the few coins I parted with to acquire it was more than repaid by the few days of gripping entertainment.

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But extraordinarily Luanne turns it down; she’s determined to get out of her situation legitimately and through hard work. She also wants to break free of her father’s shady past by living a straight life.

Within a few hours of declining the lottery scam, she’s in a fight for her life and running from a drug dealer, an assassin and the police.

An absolutely brilliant, riveting book. I’ve already recommended this to some close friends and I do to you too 🙂

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