The Testament by John Grisham

A Book Review of The Testament by John Grisham

I’ve enjoyed a lot of John Grisham novels, but this one quickly became one of my favourites.

The book starts with the death of a multi-billionaire investment-mogul. He’d had three wives in his lifetime and had fathered quite a few children, so the hunt is on to find all potential heirs and of course, sift through all the subsequent law suits and claims with everyone trying to get their hands on the dead man’s fortune.

The protagonist of story turns out to be Nate O’Riley who is a disgraced corporate attorney, and works for the law firm handling the billionaire’s assets. He is dispatched to find any heirs unaware of the old man’s death.

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Along his journey he encounters different people from varying cultures, and with these encounters come challenges, and moments of encouragement, which attempt to affect his life’s path in some way.

A really great book.

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3 Comments on “The Testament by John Grisham”

  1. Ja, it was a lekker book although I read it long ago.

    At first I thought you were reviewing his more recent book, The Summons, which also deals with a Last Will and Testament. Didn’t enjoy that one much.

  2. Thanks guys.

    @Andrew – yip, I also battled to put it down, really enjoyed it.

    @Pete – I haven’t read The Summons yet, I’ll have to get that one soon.

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