The Street Lawyer by John Grisham

A book review of The Street Lawyer by John Grisham

The setting of this novel is quite similar to a few of Grisham’s other books (The Firm, The Associate) in that it revolves around a powerful, big-money Law Firm, billing hours and churning out huge paycheques.

However, while there are those parallels, the plot of The Street Lawyer follows a completely different path to the usual big firm stories.

The story tracks the life of Michael Brock, one of the fastest-rising employees of the firm. He was living out his existence in 12-minute billing sections for which he exorbitantly charged his clients.

He was on his way to the top, fast-tracking to become a partner with an even bigger salary.

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His tunnel-vision approach to life changes dramatically when he has a violent encounter with a homeless man. The incident gnaws at his conscious causing him to question everything he has built his life around.

He starts to take a keener interest in the plight of the homeless; their daily struggles for food and shelter, as well as the protection of their legal rights when they have no way of affording an attorney.

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I found it quite an interesting read. The story focuses on people’s priorities and asks pointed questions about whether just living for yourself will bring fulfilment in your life.

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