The Double Eagle – James Twining

The Double Eagle by James Twining probably wouldn’t make my top 5 of the year, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s an intriguing story which follows the lives of two main characters:

Tom Kirk, the world’s greatest art thief, who decides to leave the game and go the straight and narrow, but is now charged with stealing rare gold coins from the US Government.

Agent Jennifer Browne, of the FBI, who has been recruited to catch Kirk at any cost. She is desperate for a second chance after a fatal error set back her career and life.

And both are out to stop Cassius, the underworld boss who is masterminding the business of selling stolen art.

Join them on an inter-continental race, where no-one can be trusted, where conspiracy and cover-ups go all the way up the government, where motives are jaded, and where the hunters become the hunted.

James Twining paints vivid pictures with his words and expertly sets each unique scene.

Book does contain some offensive language.

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  1. If you into second-hand bookstores, there’s one in Vincent called Wendy’s Book Lounge, just off the corner of Frere Road (near Easigas). It’s the sort of bookstore that is rare in this town; cosy and atmospheric. Something that came straight out of Jo’burg. I bumped into Glen Adcock there. Give it a shot.

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