The Collectors by David Baldacci

I found this book at a friends house, and since I’d never read any of Baldacci’s work before, I wasn’t really expecting much from the story. But I was pleasantly surprised.

The Collectors by David Baldacci turned out to be an excellent introduction to his novels for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it and battled to put the book down.

There are two main plots running in this story:

The first revolves around Annabelle, a experienced con artist who is determined to reap revenge against one of the biggest Casino Owners in Atlantic City. It’s a massive undertaking which poses life-threatening risks.

The other central theme follows the so-called Camel Club;  a group of middle-aged friends with many high-profile connections, including the FBI.

When one of their friends, a mild-mannered Librarian, dies in suspicious circumstances they pour themselves into the investigation, with a determination to find answers to the many questions which continue to arise.

Baldacci has an enjoyable dry sense of humor which he uses with great timing. He writes with ingenuity too, and I loved how the two seemingly parallel stories eventually intertwine cleverly.

Another artful undercurrent of the book revolves around the title (The Collectors) as many of the characters are ‘collectors’ of some kind; some collect rare books, some collect new con tricks, others collect broken hearts, and some collect ‘trophies’…

The only slight criticism is that the book contained a few instances of what I call “Hardy Boy-ish” moments. And that refers to things like the bad guys getting ‘knocked out with one blow’ and the protagonists only getting tied up and gagged while everyone around them is being killed off.

But other than that I still really enjoyed it and I didn’t want to put it down.

Highly recommendable.

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