The Best Time to Travel to Egypt

Feluccas on the Nile in Aswan

Egypt is back! Summer is replacing the cold winter months and the early morning dew leaves a shimmer on the only remaining ancient wonder of the worldThe Great Pyramids of Giza. Tour operators from across the world have seen a drastic boom in interest and bookings for this Middle Eastern country.

Pyramids Sound and Light Show
Pyramids Sound and Light Show

It must be said that throughout the three years of political turmoil and unrest, tourists were never the targets. In fact, although there was a drastic decline in group tours, travel to the country never ceased. Certain demographical areas were placed under foreign travel restrictions, but the inland still received passionate travelers.

Let me tell you why it is such a good time to visit Egypt now: Tour operators are all re-launching the group travels by offering super value for money sales on their group departures. This is possible due to hotels and cruise ships lowering their rates in the hopes of reaching full occupancy like back in the golden days.

Another reason why you should pick this country as your next travel destination is that in the last three years the people have had the chance to clean up around the most significant tourist sites. Not only will you pay less, you are most likely going to experience Egypt like no other travelers have. Tourist numbers are still relatively lower in comparison to 2010 and the years before so you will get to take amazing photos without the irritation of having crowds fill up your shots.

Then there is the human touch. An Egyptian is the friendliest and most welcoming host. Wherever you go people will be grateful that you returned to their lands.

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Tourism has always been one of the most significant economic aspects so not much has to be said about the people who work in tourism and how they will treat their guests. You will truly experience top service from every person who has a role to play during your stay.

Local food has been good, better, best and nothing has changed with low tourism occupancy. Egypt is definitely one of the countries where you can feast like royalty – three times a day – on a strict budget. Eateries still makes use of the freshest produce to prepare their meals. As far as shopping goes, and not that desperation should be taken advantage of, shop keepers are now more keen than ever to make sales so haggling won’t require as much effort as it would have in the past.

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There is also much more to the country than the Pyramids and the Nile. There are worldly gems that are often overlooked. The Wadi Hitan is one of these. A UNESCO World Heritage site that is about 90 kilometers out of Cairo and in the Fayoum Oasis, is a desert area that has fossils of whales and other sea creatures. This area proves that Egypt was once occupied by the ocean and that whales had upper limbs. A trip to Wadi Hitan can be done in one day, or overnight camping can be arranged.

Feluccas on the Nile in Aswan
Feluccas on the Nile in Aswan

The coastal city of Alexandria is also often skipped and once again it is a city with relics of Alexander the Great to current local treasures. Seafood is simply amazing here at half the price one would pay in South Africa.

Direct flights to the Egyptian Capital are relatively expensive, but time permitting, many carriers with connections in Emirates and Qatar allow for very affordable international return flights. It is a destination suitable for cultural holidays, family holidays and solo getaways. It really is a good time to travel to Egypt now.

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