THE 11TH COMMANDMENT – Jeffrey Archer

I really enjoyed this book, and it definitely goes down as one of my favourites of last year.  I was so sucked into the pages and could hardly put it down.

The Eleventh Commandment centers around Connor Fitzgerald; a devoted family man, war hero and recipient of a Medal of Honor.  But he is also an undercover CIA operative, a veteran of 28 years and considered America’s most deadly weapon.

He has completed countless successful missions, ranging from rescue operations to assassinating potential anti-USA terrorists. A man with unwavering loyalty, but now just weeks before his official retirement he faces an enemy which he cannot defeat; an enemy from the inside.

The book is very current and takes you through the criminal and political climates of The Russian Mafia, Conspiracies in the Oval Office, and the gang-threat of South Africa.
Besides gripping you with suspense, it will take you on a roller-coaster of an emotional ride as you join in with Connor’s family life, his missions, and his pulsating race to escape an enemy he cant see.

I definitely recommend this book as a excellent read. Pick it up through one of the links below:

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