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Police chase

Hero Cop on Motorbike Chases Down Thieves (video)

The SAPS recently chased down a red vehicle containing suspected thieves. The suspects tried frantically to escape narrowly missing driving into pedestrians, including young school children. The policeman on the motorcycle refused to let them get away, firing multiple shots at the fleeing vehicle, eventually emptying his entire magazine, while …


Vodacom’s “Errol” Advert

Vodacom has a new-ish advert out, one which is widely known as the “Errol advert” (watch the video at the bottom of the post). The advert has received a lot of mixed reviews; some people find it funny and a big majority think it is a bit controversial due to …

Janez and Jeanie D

Jeannie D and Janez Go Shirtless (Poll)

Top Billing presenters Jeannie D and Janez are playing their parts in a new “shirtless” campaign. They have pledged to go shirtless until the new Springbok Jersey is unveiled on the 12th of April. In the video below they describe how they, and a growing group of South African “celebrities”, …

Red Hartebeest

Red Hartebeest Video at Addo Elephant Park

We were very fortunate to see quite a few animals on our Addo trip. One of them was the Red Hartebeest. The Red Hartebeest is a large, reddish antelope with a long narrow face. It is sometimes nicknamed the “Harley Davidson”, because of the shape of its horns. Of the …