How to Save Money on Groceries at the Store

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South Africa is recovering from the worst drought in many, many years. Our country’s track record on the international scene is also not the greatest which means we have been paying more than our fair share for both local and imported foods. Today more than ever we have to stretch […]

The ABC's of Leg Strength

Tuesday’s Tip#2: Spelling Improves Ankle Strength

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Many active people suffer from weak ankles. A high percentage of sportspeople, especially soccer and squash players, would have suffered some type of ankle injury in their life-time, often damaging the ligaments. Runners, and anyone who would like to be active, know the importance of having strong ankles. So here’s […]

Bad Sinus Pains

Tuesday’s Tip: Natural Remedy to Alleviate Allergies

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We are introducing a new series on Enjoy Life: a Tuesday’s Tip or “Life Hack”. Every Tuesday we will bring a quick tip that make some part of your life easier Here’s a simple and quick step to alleviate allergy-related sinus problems: Make ice cubes with a mixture of water and crushed […]

Mauritius Travel Relax on EnjoyLifecoza

An Awesome Trip to Mauritius

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Working in the travel industry, I was fortunate enough to be chosen to travel abroad, all expenses paid, for eight glorious days in a five star resort in Mauritius. The build up to the trip was literally exhausting; preparing myself for my first overseas encounter, and also being a nervous […]

How To Make Money Investing In Stamps

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Stamp collecting started way back in 1840 when the first stamp was issued. This stamp is known as Penny Black. Of course it started out as a hobby, but as so many things in civilization progressed, so did the value of stamps. People now collect stamps not only as a […]

Tips for Building Model Airplanes

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A Great Hobby is to Build Plastic Model Airplanes. You start your model by building the interior and the cockpit. It’s a good idea to research pictures of the actual plane you are replicating, in order to achieve the desired detail of the plane. E.g. painting the correct colours and […]