Which Restaurants have SA’s Favourite Takeaways?

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South Africans’ Favorite Takeaways Friday nights have officially become mom’s night off cooking duties. Some moms have the take away menus on the fridge while others don’t mind making a fifteen minute drive to the nearest, most favored take away restaurant for the evening meal. Research is often done on […]

Wifi is not always free.

Wifi on Planes – Why is Internet so Expensive during Flights?

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It is no secret that South Africans pay considerably more for broadband, 3G and Wi-Fi than other nationals do in their home countries. We are being spoilt a little more with free Wi-Fi zones in shopping malls, coffee shops, certain service outlets and institutions. In fact, the broadband era has […]

Hilarious Guide to Singing the SA National Anthem

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With the Rugby World Cup currently on the go, there is once again a big spike in the patriotism graph. Springbok paraphernalia is everywhere to be seen, especially at the games where the national anthem is sung oh-so proudly. For those of you who battle with the quad-lingal anthem, here’s […]