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GOT from watchersofthewall dot com


Game of Thrones has been described as the television series of all time. It has overtaken the immense decade long frenzy that followed the movie releases of the Lord of The Rings Trilogy with only its first season. The sixth blockbusting series is now in full swing and South Africans …

Joico Hamper from Enjoy Life

Win a Hair Care Hamper – Giveaway!

Recently The Test Box sent me some hair care products to review and give away on Enjoy Life. (Scroll to the bottom of this post to enter the competition). The products come from a Hair-Care company called Joico, who source their ingredients from around the world for the best quality. …

Rands from timeslive

Make Money Easily with Fun Tasks

This is a great way to earn money online very easily, and it’s lots of fun. You can get paid to watch videos and completing other tasks. If you are currently a member of our free online earning program you will already be familiar with how to earn money by …

Instant Baby Sleep

Help Your Baby to Sleep Better

Did you know that an infant’s brain is more active than a college student’s brain? Looking around and taking in surroundings through the senses is how baby becomes aware of our world. This curiosity has its place but babies don’t now when to stop which hampers their ability to fall …


Build These Beautiful Cars

Many scale model-builders are now using paper or card to create models. It has become the modeller’s choice over plastic because it is easier and faster to complete and because you quickly have something beautiful to display.  It’s a fun and addictive hobby. And here we have a great opportunity …