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Kids party trends Birthday Cake - image via sheknows

Kids Party Trends

by Mariska Knoesen The days of Wimpy, Spur and McDonalds parties are over. A kids party revolution has taken place and those special days will never be the same again! Back in the day mom would have baked a chocolate cake, doubling the recipe, opened up caramel treat and sprinkled …

Instant Baby Sleep

Help Your Baby to Sleep Better

Did you know that an infant’s brain is more active than a college student’s brain? Looking around and taking in surroundings through the senses is how baby becomes aware of our world. This curiosity has its place but babies don’t now when to stop which hampers their ability to fall …

Baby Sense Seminars

Get 15% Discount on a Baby & Mom Seminar

Baby Sense understands a mother’s worries and fears so they focus on supporting you on this wonderful journey. Every moment you have with your baby should be a special one. The simple, intuitive designs of their products and services are born from this amazing journey. Everything is inspired by wonderful …

We Need to Stop Child Slavery

Let’s Work Together to Stop Child Abuse

Every year the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse is commemorated globally on the 19th of November. This commemoration is founded on a global awareness campaign to create a culture of preventing child abuse. It was started in 2000 by the Women’s World Summit Foundation (WWSF). The WWSF was …

Browse some helpful books on Raising Teenagers

The World Through a Teenager’s Eyes

Peer pressure, drugs, sex and reaching the expectations of our parents can get anyone down, especially a person that’s facing the most challenging time of their life. I’m talking about being a 21st century……….TEENAGER. To me, being a teenager in this present day and age has never been more difficult, …

Visualize Success

Creative Ways to Inspire Your Students

For any age group or subject, it is important to get students motivated in creative ways. If you don’t want your class to start daydreaming or thinking about Facebook, you have to find out what works and what doesn’t. Grab their attention! So how can you ensure students enjoy a …