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A Video for my Son

Below is a video I made for my Son, celebrating the first six months of his life. He is an incredibly happy and friendly little boy, always smiling and laughing and he brings joy to every person who meets him. Everyone is constantly amazed at his ready smile, confidence and …

Shire Deck

The Shire Eco Lodge

This weekend my wife and I went to stay in a log cabin at a place called The Shire. It is a lovely Eco Lodge situated in Stutterheim, about an hour away from East London. And Wow! What a beautiful setting directly at the base of the immense and indigenous …

Rope Swing

Building a Swing in the Forest (Video)

Last week my wife and I took our dog to a friend’s farm for a walk, and perhaps canoe on their river. We’ve been there a few times before and we always end up having a good time. We also usually find something new to do each time we go …

Olive Thrush Bird

Olive Thrush Bird Video

Recently I filmed an Olive Thrush digging for a worm. He found quite a large grub, broke it into two pieces and swallowed it down. I had never seen something like that so close-up before and it was fun to watch. Here’s the video: A bit more about the Olive …

Red Hartebeest

Red Hartebeest Video at Addo Elephant Park

We were very fortunate to see quite a few animals on our Addo trip. One of them was the Red Hartebeest. The Red Hartebeest is a large, reddish antelope with a long narrow face. It is sometimes nicknamed the “Harley Davidson”, because of the shape of its horns. Of the …

Hail in East London

East London Hailstorm Video

Today East London experienced quite a heavy hailstorm which is very uncommon for the city. The storm started with little warning and the hail came down thick and fast, and quite big as well. I took a video of the storm, shown below, which also provided my dog with a …