REVIEW: XShot Sport Pole – GoPro Action Cams and Phones

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I enjoy many kinds of outdoor adventures; trail running, camping, kayaking, hiking etc. I am also passionate about videography and video editing (I run my own small Video Production business here).  So whenever I manage to get away for a little “adventure” I make sure I take a few cameras […]

Top 5 Cooking Apps

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The art of cooking is an ancient one that has been around for centuries. The notion of eating merely for sustenance died with the caveman, and every year since cultures throughout the world have developed and honed their cuisine. It’s also not uncommon for recipes to be passed down from […]

5 Apple Apps Your Small Business Shouldn’t Be Without

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When we talk about smart phone and tablet apps and how they can benefit business, it is usually the larger corporations and businesses that are said to benefit the most. In actual fact, it is the smaller enterprises that can get the most from using apps. If you don’t have […]