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Woman in Gym

3 Mistakes People Make at the Gym

When combined with a low calorie diet, there’s nothing like regular visits to the gym for getting your body in shape. Unfortunately however, such visits only pay dividends when workouts are performed both correctly and consistently. Should you find yourself trying to sculpt the perfect body, or you are simply …

Bad Sinus Pains

Tuesday’s Tip: Natural Remedy to Alleviate Allergies

We are introducing a new series on Enjoy Life: a Tuesday’s Tip or “Life Hack”. Every Tuesday we will bring a quick tip that make some part of your life easier Here’s a simple and quick step to alleviate allergy-related sinus problems: Make ice cubes with a mixture of water and crushed …

Hot Bathtub

How to Treat A Sporting Injury With Heat Treatment

Exercise injuries is a regular issue for many athletes, whether or not you could be at the professional level, a university or school competitor or perhaps a weekend warrior. Large numbers of sports traumas are definitely not necessarily caused by a one-time shock to your body, such as most might …


Music Makes Your Brain Healthier and Function Better

Your Brain On Music – Measurably Healthier, Enhanced Functionality During the past decade, clinical research has revealed a great deal about how playing a musical instrument affects the brain. This is an activity that produces measurable differences in brain function and even form. Taking lessons and regularly playing a musical instrument offers …

Children are getting Fatter

Youth Sports Camps Combat Childhood Obesity

Kids today are getting heavier and heavier, leading many experts to consider childhood obesity an epidemic. According to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, up to 33% of all children and adolescents in the United States are obese. This statistic doesn’t even begin to address how many more …

Healthiest Countries in the World Infographic

Healthiest Countries in the World Infographic

Man has always searched for a way to live longer. From China’s Qin Shi Hwang to Spain’s Ponce de Leon, some of humanity’s most well-known figures searched for longevity. Public health research has scoured the globe looking for cultures with residents who live the longest, and all the details and …