The ABC's of Leg Strength

Tuesday’s Tip#2: Spelling Improves Ankle Strength

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Many active people suffer from weak ankles. A high percentage of sportspeople, especially soccer and squash players, would have suffered some type of ankle injury in their life-time, often damaging the ligaments. Runners, and anyone who would like to be active, know the importance of having strong ankles. So here’s […]

The Best Warm-Up Exercises Before A Workout

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The Best Warm-Up Exercises Before A Workout Before beginning any exercise regime, you should visit a doctor to get a healthy start. The doctor can then suggest what exercises are beneficial, as well as how to begin. Someone beginning an exercise regimen for the first time might consider a simple […]

Zumba – Dance Exercising

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Have you heard of Zumba? No, not the lesser-known sibling of Simba the lion cub, and not the language of people originating from Zumbabwe, but the dance-exercise craze which was created by Alberto “Beto” Perez a few years ago and has hit South Africa hard. Ladies are flocking to Zumba […]