Disturbing content slipping through YouTube’s “kid-friendly” filters (PAW Patrol, Peppa Pig etc))

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Platforms like Netflix and YouTube Kids can seem like the ideal digital daycare for busy parents who appreciate the educational and age-appropriate offerings as a way to keep their kids entertained and engaged while they try to manage other parts of their hectic lives. But as disturbing content starts slipping […]

Internet Explorer Logo

Why Internet Explorer is Useless

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Why IE (Internet Explorer) has become Obsolete Microsoft has been the software powerhouse of the century which enabled it to sell their software packages for excessive amounts of money. Their free web browser that has been used perhaps by every person who has used a computer in the last twenty […]

The Inventions that made our Lives More Enjoyable (Infographic)

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Stop for a moment and think about your favorite convenience. Whether it’s the internet or the cell phone in your pocket, you owe its existence to thousands upon thousands of people. People make its parts, people ship its parts, and people manufacture the transportation that ships them; there are accountants […]