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Children being influenced by tv and games

Bad Children or Bad Parenting?

BAD CHILDREN? There has been a lot of media coverage recently on some of the horrific things children are doing to other children. Not long ago I received an email from a close friend, who was shocked to hear that at a children’s party, in her neighborhood, two fourteen year …

We Need to Stop Child Slavery

Let’s Work Together to Stop Child Abuse

Every year the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse is commemorated globally on the 19th of November. This commemoration is founded on a global awareness campaign to create a culture of preventing child abuse. It was started in 2000 by the Women’s World Summit Foundation (WWSF). The WWSF was …

Collection of Butterflies

Best Ideas for Children to Collect

Starting a collection can be a great hobby and something that people of all ages can enjoy. Collecting is especially an interesting hobby for children and something they can enjoy all the way into their adulthood. It teaches kids a lot about their chosen items and is also a wonderfully …

Bubble Bath Volcano

10 Great Ideas for Children to Beat the Boredom

10 Boredom Busters for Kids So you don’t want to hear the whines of “I’m bored!” from the kids? Here are ten great ideas to keep your children occupied during the times when they think there’s nothing to do.   Boredom Buster #1 : Create a Boredom Jar Write down …


A Video for my Son

Below is a video I made for my Son, celebrating the first six months of his life. He is an incredibly happy and friendly little boy, always smiling and laughing and he brings joy to every person who meets him. Everyone is constantly amazed at his ready smile, confidence and …

kids treasure hunt (from

Fun Outdoor Kid’s Party Ideas

Planning your child’s party can be both fun and stressful. The first thing you need to do is decide on a theme. Work your way from there and take everything one step at a time and you can be sure to have a party that you and your kids will …