Top Free Lotto Apps on Mobile Phone

Top Free Lotto Apps

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With a lotto app on your smartphone way you can play for the millions from wherever you are. You can have all of your game history at one place, you’ll be automatically notified of all wins, and you might even catch some cool and special offers. Some may say that […]


REVIEW: XShot Sport Pole – GoPro Action Cams and Phones

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I enjoy many kinds of outdoor adventures; trail running, camping, kayaking, hiking etc. I am also passionate about videography and video editing (I run my own small Video Production business here).  So whenever I manage to get away for a little “adventure” I make sure I take a few cameras […]

Watch TV on your Cellphone

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MXTV is South Africa’s dedicated mobile television network that allows you to watch TV on almost any Internet-enabled cellphone or mobile device using WAP, 2.5G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. MXTV features 14 channels across several genres including Music, Sports, Entertainment and Kids and stream linear 24 hours per day, 365 […]

Don’t Want to Get Locked into Cellphone Contracts? Here’s the answer…

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With the increasingly fast evolution of smart phones, more and more cellphone users are wanting greater freedom of choice when it comes to their contracts. Users don’t want to get locked into two-year deals anymore and an I.T. company, Promobile, has come up with a solution… Promobile works closely with […]

Unknown Caller

How to Stop Phone Calls from Unknown Numbers

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The most reliable method to successfully deal with unknown caller-ID calls With the ever increasing need for telemarketing many international and local South African companies have moved over to VOIP (voice over internet protocol) software to lower their phone bills. Mostly, when they call, no number is displayed on your […]

5 Apple Apps Your Small Business Shouldn’t Be Without

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When we talk about smart phone and tablet apps and how they can benefit business, it is usually the larger corporations and businesses that are said to benefit the most. In actual fact, it is the smaller enterprises that can get the most from using apps. If you don’t have […]

The Inventions that made our Lives More Enjoyable (Infographic)

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Stop for a moment and think about your favorite convenience. Whether it’s the internet or the cell phone in your pocket, you owe its existence to thousands upon thousands of people. People make its parts, people ship its parts, and people manufacture the transportation that ships them; there are accountants […]