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Top Free Lotto Apps on Mobile Phone

Top Free Lotto Apps

With a lotto app on your smartphone way you can play for the millions from wherever you are. You can have all of your game history at one place, you’ll be automatically notified of all wins, and you might even catch some cool and special offers. Some may say that …

Mobile Casino on your Apple Device

How to install a Mobile Casino on your iPhone

There is something definitely appealing about being able to play your favorite slot, blackjack, roulette or video poker title at the very palm of your hand. The mobile gaming industry has managed to redefine the way we interact and perceive online casino gaming in its essence, with touch controls, games …

AccuWeather on

Weather Apps: The Best and Most Accurate

Smart phones, tablets and handheld devices mostly come with pre-loaded weather apps. In most cases they are accurate, but there are times when it is clear as day that the temperatures you are experiencing are definitely not what is displayed on the screen. It is also becoming increasingly important to …


Top 5 Cooking Apps

The art of cooking is an ancient one that has been around for centuries. The notion of eating merely for sustenance died with the caveman, and every year since cultures throughout the world have developed and honed their cuisine. It’s also not uncommon for recipes to be passed down from …

Tips For Traveling With Kids (image from

Travel Tips to Make the Journey Seem Quicker

Recently I wrote about Enjoy Life being mentioned in O, The Oprah Magazine. The magazine asked for travel tip ideas that would make time spent in the car on road trips less mundane and more fun, for adults or for kids. The Enjoy Life team came with a few ideas …