Starter Woodwork Projects

There are few things as fulfilling as making something with your own hands from what seems to be little or nothing. That’s why so many people enjoy painting, knitting and other activities. One of the most popular interests for this reason is woodworking.

Creating items from wood, whether they are practical or ornamental is something that takes skill, patience and also results in a lot of satisfaction. Creating some projects can really take a lot of skill but there are also some great items that can be made with your chisel and block plane and take a lot less work. These beginner projects can really provide you with something that really impresses for the work put in. So, what are the best starter woodwork projects?

Bed Frame

One of the simplest items to make is in fact a bed frame, especially if it is low to the ground and in a box like style. These bed frames are quite rugged and joints can be made quite easily, with screws and bolts often sufficing. They can replace the need to even purchase one from a shop, making them quite a smart way to spend the time.

Children’s Toys

One of the simplest and also the oldest creations for woodworking is children’s toys. Whether you are creating guns, dolls houses or something more impressive, a wooden child’s toy is timeless, most often very impressive and also quite easy to create. Of course, you need a child to make it for or a large imagination of your own.

Rok Bak Chair

This sort of chair is also surprisingly easy to make and is essentially templates and jig sawing, with some use of a block plane and a little putting together. Of course, accuracy is important or else you will end up with a wonky chair. However, it really can be a good project to start with, provides a number of learning opportunities and also ends up with a practical result.

Wood Pallet Bench

This is a great way to use the left over pallets that you have lying about with no use and also is a practical piece of garden furniture. Think of how often you actually get out there during the summer to warrant the cost of expensive furniture – not that often if you live in the UK anyhow. These pallets can really be used to create a something of use and also like the other projects are worth the practice.

Wooden Buttons

One of the coolest additions for coats and clothing and also a very simple project comes in the form of homemade buttons. These buttons can be made from peeling branches and can really add something to a winter jacket or summer cardigan. They are one of the simplest things you can create from wood, but like the other items on our list look great and are extremely practical. Wood working doesn’t have to be hard and minimal tools can make for some very impressive projects and great results.

When undertaking a serious carpentry project, a block plane is an essential piece of kit.  Find these and more woodworking equipment at Bridge Tools.


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