South Africa’s new R2 and R5 coins

The South African Mint has unveiled its new circulation coins celebrating 25 years of constitutional democracy.

The new R2 coins aim to highlight some of the rights that resonated the most with citizens surveyed in South Africa – depicting children’s rights, the right to education and environmental rights, among others.

The new R5 coin depicts the first national elections in 1994.

The SA Mint launched an official website for the coins under the banner of ‘SA25’ that gives all the details of the coins, collections for sale, as well as information about the artists and meanings behind the campaign.

The coins themselves will be released into circulation after the South African Reserve Bank and SA Mint officially present the coins at the Constitutional Court in June.

The SARB issues commemorative circulation coins from time to time as part of its currency production function. These coins are issued to commemorate a person or an event that has had a significant impact on society.

Such coins are always produced in large quantities and are made available and accessible to the public at face value.

You can find pictures of the new coin faces below.

Children’s Rights  – R2 coin 

  • Artist: Neo Mahlangu
  • Reverse Typographer: Garth Walker

Right to Education – R2  coin

  • Artist: Neo Mahlangu
  • Reverse Typographer: Garth Walker

Environmental Rights – R2 coin 

  • Artist: Maaike Bakker
  • Reverse Typographer: Garth Walker

Freedom of Movement and Residence – R2 coin 

  • Artist: Rasty Knayles
  • Reverse Typographer: Garth Walker

Freedom of Religion, Belief and Opinion – R2 Coin 

  • Artist: Peter Mammes
  • Reverse Typographer: Garth Walker

‘Let us live and strive for freedom’ – R5 coin 

  • Artist: Lady Skollie
  • Reverse Typographer: Garth Walker

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