Skateboarding Trick: Frontside Pivot Kickflip

I recently filmed some clips of my buddy, Gareth, skating.
We got some good footage which I’ll post more of at a later stage.
The setting was quite cool, with a few natural elements to use for various tricks.

In the video below he pulls off a frontside pivot kickflip out (once with a kickflip, once with just an ollie).

What Does Frontside Mean?

Frontside or backside refers to the side of your body which is facing the direction that you are going in to perform the trick (i.e. as you are approaching the obstacle, you skate in head on or with your back to it).

What is a Pivot?

A Pivot means you ‘spin’ or turn the board horizontally 180 degrees in midair. If you land it correctly you’ll land the tail where the skateboard’s nose started.

The Frontside Pivot Kickflip Out

So he approaches the cement block ‘frontside’; pivots onto it, and then kickflip ollies off of it.

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