Simple Genius by David Baldacci

A Book Review of ‘Simple Genius’ by David Baldacci.

After thoroughly enjoying The Collectors by David Baldacci, I immediately went off in search for more of his books. I was at a yard sale where a woman was selling a whole bunch of novels. After sifting through dozens of horrors (not my style) I found a lone Baldacci offering entitled ‘Simple Genius’.

Within the first paragraph I was instantly hooked; the book held me as a willing captive and I devoured the pages within the next few days.

So a basic rundown of the story (without giving away too much of course):

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are freelance investigators who still both feel tormented by their previous case. They try cope with it in different ways: Michelle seems intent on pursuing a self-destructive path while Sean pours himself into another case which involves a physicist who has died in mysterious circumstances at a top secret government research center.

The more scientists, cryptographers and government officials he interviews, the more tightly the web of secrecy seems to be spun. He has to decide who he can trust and decipher everyone’s motives. And soon there is another murder to add to his investigation. All the while he is determined to break through to Michelle and save her from herself.

What Baldacci does so well is create characters with whom you immediately feel a bond. He builds a connection which really gets you cheering for them and egging them on. I enjoyed this book so much and absolutely raced through it.

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