The Shire Eco Lodge

This weekend my wife and I went to stay in a log cabin at a place called The Shire.

It is a lovely Eco Lodge situated in Stutterheim, about an hour away from East London.

And Wow! What a beautiful setting directly at the base of the immense and indigenous Xholora forest. We had a great time, going on many forest walks, bird watching and climbing trees.

The lodges themselves are of a brilliant and unique design: in fact the design brought about so many problems that it took over a year just to complete the shell of the first lodge. They also have concave glass windows which apparently were quite a mission to install correctly.
All the fittings and extra in each chalet are hand-made. (the video below will give you a better idea of the lodges and the surrounding area in more detail)

It is self-catering accommodation and the lodges come complete with microwave, stove, toaster, quality double bed and two kids’ singles, heater, full crockery and cutlery, towels and a good shower. The welcome pack includes filter coffee and bodem, tea and milk.

Each morning we woke up to the sounds of the stream gurgling right outside our front door, and forest starts five steps from the front deck of the cabin.
I especially like that they have resisted the temptation to pack as many lodges into the area as possible as so many other greedy site-owners do. There are just four places in a wide expanse so even if there are other guests staying you still feel secluded and private.

There is also a campsite as a more affordable option, (but not something I’d recommend in Winter time). There are a few marked trails to go walking, or just hit the forest and make your own trails.
Below is a video of our time there and some of the awesome nature we experienced.

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