Red Hartebeest Video at Addo Elephant Park

We were very fortunate to see quite a few animals on our Addo trip. One of them was the Red Hartebeest.

The Red Hartebeest is a large, reddish antelope with a long narrow face. It is sometimes nicknamed the “Harley Davidson”, because of the shape of its horns.

Of the 12 subspecies described in Africa, the Red Hartebeest is the only one which occurs in South Africa and, because of its re-introduction onto game farms and nature reserves, its population has increased quite dramatically.

The adult male (bull) weight averages at 150 kg while the females (cows) average at 120 kg.  Territorial bulls often stand tall on distinctive land mounds and mark their territories with dung piles.  They are predominately found habitat in Namibia, the Kalahari, southern Botswana, and South Africa.

This is the video I took of one at Addo Elephant Park:

The Red Hartebeest found quite a lot of international acclaim in 2011 when a 17-year-old cyclist was hit by a running Antelope. Evan van der Spuy was cycling in a race when the Hartebeest jumped straight into him, causing him to fly off his bike and be knocked unconscious.

See the video of the incident below:

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