Crafty Creations for a Rainy Day

There are many ways to pass a rainy day, with one of the most important being to experiment with crafts. Most of these crafts can be done on your own, with a partner, or ideally with children. (Also see Crafts and Games for Children’s Parties)

As well as passing the time, crafts made during a rainy day can also be used as presents, as decoration, and as the start of larger art projects. With enough time and practice, you can also make sure that you have enough materials to try a range of different projects.

Taking little time and using cheap materials, they can also allow you and your family or friends to bond over a shared activity. Some potential craft ideas include:

1.  Making Candles

A bit messy, but able to produce excellent results, making a candle can involve a range of different techniques. Wax can be heated in a kiln and allowed to melt and be shaped into containers, before being dried out and decorated with different colours and designs.

Different candle shapes can be made and can be given as presents or kept around the home as decorations.

2.  Paper Doll Chains

A good family activity, making paper dolls simply involves drawing onto paper, and then cutting around outlines to make chains.

3.  Bracelets

A versatile task, bracelets can be made from pieces of string and fabric, and can be added to with odd beads, buttons and pieces from around the house. A great exercise for children and something that can become a long term hobby.

4.  Making Cards

Making your own cards give you a license to be creative with how you illustrate and add photographs to them. Personalised cards can be a great alternative to other kinds of commercial cards, and become particularly useful as a craft activity around Christmas.

5.  Finger Painting

A good activity for younger children and infants, finger painting can be simply achieved through the use of poster paints, paper, and plenty of newspaper or sheets to prevent the results covering a whole room.

6.  Egg Decoration

An ideal craft activity for a rainy Easter, egg decoration simply involves hard boiling, painting and decorating eggs.

7.  Kites

Workable kites can be put together using beams, paper and straws, as well as bits of wool and old pieces of fabric. Made on a rainy day, kites can be saved up for windier ones.

8.  Collages

A good way to get children engaged with artwork, newspapers and magazines can be cut up and arranged into interesting combinations, and represents a solution to finding a low cost birthday or Christmas present.

9.  Paper Flowers

Using tissues and paper, you can create paper flowers that can be used as decoration, or as part of gifts. Paper flowers are also easy enough to do with children.

10.  Knitting

Knitting can easily take up a whole day once you get into it. Single day projects might involve socks and small hats; while having a number of projects on the go means that you will always have something to do on a rainy day.


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