Play a Fun Racing Game (free)

If you have a few free minutes at work, or you’re bored at home, try out this fun racing game. It’s super simple and is quite fun.

It’s called Roller Rider and it challenges you to race hundreds of feet above the ground, screaming up and down winding narrow tracks, and blasting past your opponents.

Be a Daredevil and take your hands off the wheel, wave them in the air, and you will gain extra turbo power to use!

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Features of the Game:
100 Challenges featuring Race, Versus, Time Trial, No Walls and Pick-Up Events.
Multiple character opponents and upgrades.
9 Varied and dangerous tracks to master.

Here are the simple controls:
AWSD or arrows to drive.
Z to hold hands in the air and gain turbo
X to use turbo.

Enjoy Life. Enjoy playing the game.  (might take a few seconds to load)

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