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I have quite a few buddies who love the occasional round of golf, some a bit more serious about it than others.

The only problem with golf is, once you start playing regularly the costs start mounting up pretty quickly. Especially with green fees; the cost of a round of Golf can be quite pricey, especially at some of the more luxurious locations.

I polled some of my golf-playing friends to see what they pay, and there was a huge range in prices. Some paid as little as R140, while others averaged closer to R420. One course charged R540 per round. And these figures are for the ‘everyday golf player’, they don’t include the ‘World-Famous’/Trump courses with waterfalls at the 7th hole.


[UPDATE:  This page used to contain links to some great golfing offers, but due to the companies involved (including Offerforge) refusing to pay the commissions due on the referrals I have unfortunately had to remove the offers for the time being. Apologies for the inconvenience. I have tried to rectify the situation from my side, but to no avail. ]

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