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  1. Love it – and its gonna make them super wealthy …


    Websites are getting more traffic because of pinterest than they get from Google, Google+ and a host of others combined! Scary!

    I think its because of the ease of it – a place to store all the cool stuff you find online!

    My fear – that as it becomes business friendly – out goes what made it special – a community of creative people sharing creative inspiration stuff … now filled with a void a yawn, me too type stuff, an commercial “awesomeness” …

  2. Absolutely.
    And I think Pinterest has every chance of going that way. Bloggers and webmasters will see another great medium to use to drive traffic to their sites.
    It’s happened with all the others; Facebook and Twitter have become link-fests.

    The only way to keep it ‘purely creative’ would be to block outbound links. But then you would also block a lot of cool, related stuff.
    The other way would be to police it heavily like most forums are. Then if someone was using it as a link-farm, you could suspend that account.

    Anyway, at the moment it looks good, and I reckon most of the users are very happy with it.

  3. I just checked out your Pinboard. Very nice. I like some of your categories.
    You have a lot of pins on there – must have taken quite a while to generate such a huge pile!

  4. Yip – been on it for quite some time 😉 You should see the girlfriends – she’s a proper addict 😉 We use it as a source for collating ideas, coming up with new ideas and crafting business ideas – looks and feels etc …


    I think the long term success ( as you mentioned ) is some form of self governance etc … or privacy settings of sorts … the calibre of the boards is ultimately decided by the person who pins! Following quality is perhaps the best way to go!

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