Picnic at the River

One of my favourite things to do is to go down to a local river in a nearby suburb with a group of friends. It is such an awesome, tranquil place which hardly ever has any other visitors. We love to take some food and drinks and have a relaxing picnic amongst nature at its best.Chilling at the River

Across the river grows a small mountain forest, which is home to a host of wildlife, and they easily provide seemingly endless entertainment.  The birdlife is wonderful to watch with eagles often majestically gliding off the cliff face and up into bright blue sky. The monkeys and baboons provide the background orchestra with their constant chattering, chanting and bush rustling. The fish are lively and boastfully “flip flop” over the gentle lapping waves. It really is a great place to go chill.

Playing SoccerWe always take at least one sporting activity with as well. Occasionally we’ll take a cricket bat and ball, but the usual fun activity of choice is soccer or some ultimate frisbee.  Maybe we don’t choose the cricket option as much anymore, because the last time we did that I broke my finger which became a serious “maximum living” hamperer for a few weeks.

Picnic at the River

But other than that we’ve had some absolutely magical times down there; special dates with my wife, group picnics with friends, and a great reunion soccer match as well.

Swim TimeInvariably, whichever game we play, a ball will end up in the river which always creates the excuse (as if any was really needed) to go for cooling dip in the river.

All in all it is an awesome place to go, and brilliant way to Enjoy Life!

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