Wagtail Level – Share a Link on Facebook


Share a Link on Facebook

Okay this is exciting. If you’ve never made any money online before, this is where you make your first amount.

So the beauty of this program is that you will keep getting incentives like along the way which will hopefully motivate you to do a good job in building your own blog, and encourage you to not give up.

Don’t get too focused on these “payday sections” (although it’s always nice to earn money) but rather keep in mind that you are going to be building an asset in your blog.

Alright! Here’s the first task of the course, not only to earn money, but to also educate yourself.

You need to select just ONE of the links below to share on Facebook. Link-sharing is an imperative part of blogging, and it’s something you will need to be familiar with. You can choose any one that you think would interest you or your Facebook friends. To share the link all you have to is copy the link (URL) and paste it into your Facebook status. And here’s the important part: don’t just share the link and press enter, PERSONALIZE it. Say something about the link first.

e.g. “Hey guys, I found this great Graphic Design course that you can do online, check it out.” and then paste the link.

Choose one of these links to share. (There is a brief description in brackets after each link, so you have a better idea of what you are sharing)

1. http://enjoylife.co.za/biz/image-income/ (online course in graphic design and a practical course showing you how you can make money with your photos and images)

2. http://enjoylife.co.za/teacher-tips-for-parents/ (great tips for all parents)

3. http://enjoylife.co.za/break-addiction/ (a free book on breaking addiction)

4. http://enjoylife.co.za/biz/writing-course/ (an excellent writing course teaching you everything you need to know to become freelance writer)

5. http://enjoylife.co.za/free-guide-make-soap (learn how to make your own homemade soap)


Once you have shared the link, you just have to get ONE like or share of that status. Once one of your friends has liked or shared the Facebook post, you can send it to me for verification.

This is how you get it verified:

  1. Click on your name in Facebook, as shown in the pic below.

FB profile URL2. Now copy the link in your browser

FB profile URL2

3. Paste that link into the comment section below this page. We’ll then verify it, and then you can move onto the next section where we get your blog set up! (If you’re concerned about privacy, don’t worry, your Facebook link won’t be public and no-one will see it).