Nothing to Lose by Lee Child

A book review of ‘Nothing to Lose’ by Lee Child

This was the second “Jack Reacher novel” (the character created by Lee Child) I have read and I didn’t enjoy it that much (see ‘Persuader‘ which I think was a better book).

The whole premise behind the character of Jack Reacher is that he is supposed to be the quintessential man who other men wish they could be.

But as a character he is way too far-fetched. He is 6ft 4, built like a brick house, an ex-military man who is now a drifter with no home and no possessions. In this story, besides being an expert about guns, weaponry and the law, he also has extensive knowledge of chemicals, metals, coffee, and is an atheist who can recite the Bible with all correct verses and can take down six large men without any injury to himself.

Just all a bit too far-fetched.

Also, while reading it, I began to understand some of the complaints about Tom Cruise playing the part of Jack Reacher in the upcoming movie: One Shot. I have nothing against Cruise, but Reacher is clearly described as a man over six feet tall with huge forearms and wrists thicker than two-by-fours. Not exactly a fitting description of Tom Cruise. Anyway, I’ll make my judgment once I’ve seen the movie.

Back to the novel. It starts with Reacher drifting into a town called Despair and being forcibly driven out by some of locals as they “don’t like strangers”. Reacher takes exception to this and, at the same time, his curiosity is piqued as to what they are hiding.

The town is owned and run by one man, who runs the local scrap and metal-recycling plant, which is the heart-beat of the town. But Reacher thinks the plant is really a cover up for something else, so he defies all the warnings and threats from the locals and continues to sneak back into Despair. The more he investigates, the more he starts to unravel a huge mystery.

Not a terrible book, the main story is plausible and there are some interesting theories about the current world wars. It would be better though, if Lee Child made his main character just a bit more believable.

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