Nobody – Creston Mapes

“Nobody” by Creston Mapes centres on a reporter whose short contact with the corpse of a homeless man leads him to seek answers to questions that he buried long ago, along with bitterness from his childhood.

As he finds out such things may be covered for a time but, ultimately, they must be dealt with or contaminate the soil life grows in. But the incident also brings trouble into his life which provides for a thrilling climax.

A good plot, an intriguing romance and characters that one can identify with make the pages turn quickly. An easy-to-read writing style helps too. One criticism is that there are some “cheesy” moments. Nevertheless, I found these to be rare, short and relatively painless so they shouldn’t deter anyone from picking up a book with numerous interesting bits making up the greater story.

A feature of the book is the message it conveys – a message that makes one think about life. Like a Shakespearean drama the message seems simple, but is it? All in all an enjoyable read.

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