Natural Bouquet of Beauty

Last year my wife and I went for a walk through a Nature Reserve.  The walk was mainly along a boardwalk over some marshlands, and eventually led to quite a large river.

There wasn’t another soul in the area, so we had the entire experience to ourselves. The scenery was a blend of browns and greens with not many other colours to be seen.  

That was until my wife spotted a tiny grouping of pink and yellow flowers. There wasn’t much to the natural bouquet, it was smaller than a palm of a hand. 

But the beauty of the colours amongst it’s stark surroundings made us both stop and admire it.  

It made me think of a quote by William Fletcher:

 “Plenty of people miss their share of Happiness;

not because they never found it,

but because they didn’t stop to enjoy it!” 

So this week, keep a positive attitude and stop in the middle of a busy day to realise the happiness you have.

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One Comment on “Natural Bouquet of Beauty”

  1. I really like the smallness of the flowers and how we spotted them in such a great expanse of bush. And of course the fact that they are so beautiful

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