Nahoon Reef: A Small place with Big Beauty

Nahoon Reef

by Kayla Jordon du Pisanie

While living in East London many people will tell you that boredom gets the best of you. The little city where almost everyone knows everyone and the routes of driving to your favourite places, at the best of times, feel monotonous.

Due to the rain trapping us inside over this past Easter Holiday, my little boy and I had square eyes after having not much else to do than sit and watch our favourite series. After much patience and the longing feeling for a walk outside, we decided to take a little drive around the neighbourhood.

The rain had decided to grace us with a bit of walk way and without any hesitation, the pram was packed and in the car and we were ready for a little adventure. We decided to go to Nahoon Reef, which is not too far from us.

Nahoon Reef
Nahoon Reef

Our five minute drive up the road had much more in store for us than we thought. I was amazed to see little baby buck running across the road and a family of dassies laying outside, possibly just as grateful as we were for the long anticipated pause of rain.


As we drew closer to the parking lot near the long winded board walk which stretched far around the glorious wildlife accustomed to the sea, a furry grey monkey decided to grace us with his presence and gather warmth from my car engine as he plonked his little bum down on the bonnet of my car and stared at us. My little boy, sitting in his car chair, sat as still as statue, glaring at the strange little creature who was now nibbling on something he had just picked off my bonnet. The few moments of interaction with the monkey came to a close when something else grabbed his attention and allowed us free way to gather all our things and get out of the car.

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With the pram propped up and our hats on to save us from the cold, we followed the path of the long wooden boardwalk, which led us to beautiful views of the calm, grey ocean. With birds singing their tunes of thanks for the rain and dogs running free on the sea-sand below us, we enjoyed every last bit of entertainment nature had to offer us.

Walking back to the car, we got caught in tiny drops of drizzled rain and on our drive home, my “little monkey” had fallen asleep, amazed and satisfied with our five minute adventure up the road.

by Kayla Jordon du Pisanie

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