My Weekend

I had quite a good weekend.

My wife and I took our dog down to our favourite river spot to kick a ball around and play a little Frisbee.

It was an awesome Spring Day, no one else around and lots of birds and ducks enjoying the area. Also saw a Kingfisher dive-bombing, but it wasn’t able to catch anything while we were there.

We also went to go listen to a good talk about marriage and later watched Contraband with Mark Wahlberg. It was a pretty good movie, much better than the load of rubbish we watched last week: The Descendants starring George Clooney.

I usually look up the ratings of movies before we get one; whatever the reviewers rate highly I usually avoid because they like all sorts of trash. I should have followed my own advice last week: The Descendants scored 5/5 while Contraband only got 2. That should have told me straight away that Contraband was a much better movie.

Anyway, it was a cool weekend. Looking forward to the next one!

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