My Holiday in Addo and Knysna

Last week I had a great week-long holiday.

On Monday we went to Addo Elephant Park for two nights. We camped in tents in the park and went on quite a few game drives and walks.

We were very fortunate to see loads of animals and lots of ‘new’ birds, (new, as in they haven’t featured on Enjoy Life Birds before), all of which I will write about in more detail on the blog, as well as post videos of them as soon as I have a chance.

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We went down to Thesen’s Island on the first evening to sit on the docks and watch a magnificent sunset over the lake. The next day we went exploring some of the forests and found a quaint church in a tiny village. We then did a fun 10km trek through the lush forest.

We drove home on Friday night and I had to get straight back into work with a video shoot on Saturday.

A great time!

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