Most Popular Articles on Enjoy Life for 2011

The following is a list of the most popular posts on Enjoy Life for the past year. This is according to the number of times each article was searched and read. Thanks to all the readers of this blog!

The Most Read Posts of 2011:

1.  How To Play Monopoly Deal
The rules on how to play the card game followed by questions and answers.

2. The Most Hectic Extreme Sports Video Ever
An unbelievable video of people pushing the boundaries of extreme sports. Some mad stunts.

3. Roberta Mancino
A skydiver and base jumper who lives life to the limits and is always trying something new. Some cool videos of her too.

4. How to Make a Cheeseboard
A craft project that’s easy to make, and the finished product makes a handy gift.

5. Zumba Dance Exercising
An introduction to the new type of exercise which took the world by storm.

Others which came close and that you might have missed along the way are:

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